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    Subscription Boxes Done Right!

    Choose your budget, tell us what you like & we'll make sure you get a great box of beer at a discounted price.

    We've had loads of requests for subscription boxes since we opened. We've always resisted as we felt it was too hard to tailor a box to please all tastes and people were always going to end up with those few cans in the back of the fridge that they never really fancied. That's not a great experience, certainly not one that we want to be associated with.

    After much deliberation we've decided we can do something better - 

    • You choose your budget - Boxes start from as little as £20 every 4 weeks and you will get up to 15% off retail price.

    • Tell us what you like and don't like.

    • We'll hand pick a box of beer tailored to you, every four weeks.

    • If there's something you really want, just let us know and we'll make sure it's in your box.

    • First dibs on limited release beers.

    • You can cancel at any time - We won't make it difficult or try and convince you to stay.

    How it works - 

    1. Pick your budget.

      You choose how much you want to spend from £20 through increments up to £150 every four weeks. Your budget is the maximum you will pay, your actual box may cost less. When selecting your beers we'll calculate the total cost of your box using a discounted price. The bigger your budget, bigger the discount.

      £20 - £70 = 5% Discount
      £75 - £115 = 10% Discount
      £120 - £150 = 15% Discount

    2. Tell us what you like.

      Maybe you hate sours, maybe you love stouts? Maybe Brew York is your favourite brewery or perhaps Deya? Whatever, just let us know by adding some comments to the notes section when completing your order (or give us a call, come in and talk to us or drop us an email) and we'll take this into account when selecting your box.

    3. Pay a 50% deposit.

      We'll take 50% of your four-weekly budget upfront and you pay the remaining balance for your box at the end of the four weeks (plus the deposit for the next four weeks should you want to continue your subscription).

    4. Keep an eye out for our weekly email and social media posts.

      Subscribers will get our weekly email the day before everyone else. If you see something you definitely want just let us know and we'll make sure it's in your box (stock permitting).

    5. Get your box!

      Come and collect your box or we'll ship it for an extra £5.

    6. Enjoy your beer

      The number of beers in your box will vary depending on your budget, what's been released in the last four weeks and if you've asked us to include any specific beers (though if you ask us we will try to pick you a specific number of beers). To give you a rough idea of what to expect - 

      at £20 expect fewer than six cans.
      at £75 expect around 12 cans.
      at £120 expect around 24 cans.

    Should you ever want to cancel or change your budget just get in touch and we'll sort it out for you. We're offering this primarily as a way of rewarding our regular customers, we're not trying to lock you in or tie you up. if you want out at any point, just say so. You will already have paid your deposit so you can choose to just have half a box and end your subscription immediately or finish your current four week period and not start a new one. There'll be no tricks, no offers, no arguments.