Collabs are In Vogue.

Tom (General Manager) tells us about the latest collaboration between two of the countries best breweries - In Vouge.

When two of the biggest haze slingers In the country
(Polly’s Brew Co & Verdant) partner up, don't ask questions, just buy the can, drink it and enjoy. Especially when you know this particular beer is the “Simmered Down” version of Fashion Is Danger.

Getting into this beer I was a little apprehensive. Recently I’ve found myself only reaching for beers that are around 6.5% and above. So sitting here ready to drink this 4.3% Session IPA I’ve already started to question whether It’s going to hit the way I want it to (especially after a long day organising a million and one deliveries). Needless to say, I wasn’t disappointed.

I think if you put this beer in a blind taste test, you would hands down be able to pinpoint the qualities and trademark tastes that both of these breweries produce. Big fruity hits and a soft mouthfeel paired up with the transparency equivalent to that of a brick wall and you’ve got that winning formula.

Hopped with Citra, Idaho 7 and Nelson Sauvin, you get those amazing citrus and stone fruit notes that we all know and love at the front of the beer before a nice, distinctive, white wine grape flavour takes the wheel and steers you home.

To round this little review up: they’ve unsurprisingly nailed it. We’ve been gifted yet another great collab from this pair in the form of a sessionable beer that punches above its weight, giving plenty of flavour to hold It’s own, as well as a great can label to wrap it all up. Leopard print is cool and ignore anyone that tells you otherwise.

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