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    ABV 11% - 750ml - Imerial Stout - £19

    Stoutzilla spent 6 months in Buffalo Trace Bourbon Barrels in our taproom and was hand bottled and labelled. Before heading into barrels, our base Stoutzilla recipe was evolved to create an even bigger body to withstand the time and ageing process in barrels. A complex and rich malt base with additions of cocoa nibs and robust Rwandan Coffee. The end result is a velvety smooth mouthfeel followed by rich chocolate, robust coffee and vanilla to give a subtle sweetness which then leads into warming Bourbon, characteristics of wood and gentle smokiness which have been drawn out from the charred American oak. The process has been a true labour of love and we are very proud to have a beer that was first brewed in a shed in Hove, to a yearly release that has evolved into a bold and decant Barrel Aged beer. The last 4 years of Stoutzilla have been packaged in can with the intention of creating the decadence of a barrel aged beer. This year is a special moment for all of us to have the real process of Barrel Ageing at UnBarred Brewery.