Lost and Grounded

Teevee Party


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ABV 5% - 440ml - Sour Wheat Beer - £3.10

Suddenly and most unwillingly we were ushered into the age of the social video call. Staying socially isolated doesnt mean you have to cancel your plans, you just need to adjust them a bit. Posing as both medium and venue, as squares lit up screens all over the world it became clear that there were plenty of ways to be active, healthy and connected to the Earth. I said "Hey honey, lets dial in for a TeeVee Party" - and our courage started from there. This sour wheat beer style is one of our favourites and our first one for 2020 - light, lemony-tart with a tiny bit of salt to make it deliciously moreish! Brewed with 60% wheat to give beautiful haze and foam, soured with our in-house lactic culture, with a small dose of Citra dry-hop.

Vegan, Vegetarian