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    ABV 5.2% - 440ml - Pale Ale - £5.60

    Given the weather we've had recently, our two man team has been allowing the occasional treat of a socially distanced beer after finishing work for the day. The only drawback being that we've brewed so many big hitters recently that there's been no room for something on the more sessionable side of things. Anybody on these lists long enough will know how big we are on that neverending quest of getting the full mouthfeel, flavour intensity, and body of one of our IPAs, but wrapped up into a sessionable strength. We think we've finally hit the nail on the head with Portra. Comet, Centennial, Citra, and Mosaic all meld for a pale ale bursting with tropical fruit notes, wrapped up in a warm hug of LA3 for massive suspension and body. Awesome.