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    ABV 7.6% - 440ml - IPA - £6.35

    The original superbaes - we’ve told the story a thousand times at this point and are yet to tire of it. An out of the blue invite arrived in our inbox in early 2018 from Left Handed Giant inviting us to pour at that years edition of the Little Summer Beer Bash - a festival hosted and attended by some of the best breweries the UK has to offer, some of whom had an integral part to play in Polly’s existing in the first place. Since then Bruce, Jack and the rest of the LHG team have always taken us under their wing and been friends to the brewery, even if it’s years between seeing one another. As a shoe-in for this event as one of our established breweries, we immediately set about planning for an IPA at a strength previously unattainable for us - a little bit of naughtiness to add some spice to our sixth birthday lineup. Thick, pulpy and juicy, we’ve ultra-loaded this beer with the freshest possible crops of Galaxy, HBC 630, Idaho 7 and Simcoe to match the intensity of this IPA with its strength.