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    ABV 5.5% - 750ml - Cider - £9.60

    In Touch 2 - the season 2020 edition is out now. Grape Skin Contact The super tasty cider is made by soaking grape skins in fermenting keeved cider for three weeks. The skins are strained off and the cider allowed to referment and then mature for six months, before being blended with naturally sweet new season keeved cider. Secret Label - Sold Under Wraps As before, version two of In Touch will be sold wrapped in tissue paper, so you can buy it and join in with the mass shared Big Reveal on Instagram at 6pm on Friday 23rd April as part of South West Cider Week. Join cider-maker Martin Berkeley and guest blender Martyn Goodwin-Sharman to taste for the first time and reveal this year's label poetry. The season 2019 version used pinot noir grape skins - this year is different. All we can say is that it is just as juicy and even more super tasty this time round.