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    ABV 9% - 440ml - Stout - £7.70

    For the second in this Culinary Concepts series, we pop down to Edward St Bakery – the Shipley bakehouse whose sandwiches, pastries, savouries, and cakes have been a continual source of home-working sustenance for our founder Russ over the past year – none moreso than their version of the school canteen classic, the PB&J Cornflake Tart. A stout base using Brown and Vienna malts mimic the biscuity, pastry & cornflake base, with oats to thicken, and Special B Crystal Malt, Golden Syrup, and peanut essence to recreate the cornflakes’ honey-nut coating. The final touch, a huge dose of strawberry puree to add jammy fruit flavour and soften some of the bitter dark malts. All of this comes together to replicate that unique rich & chewy, sticky, biscuity, and slightly fruity treat – everything but the crumbs on your top.