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  • PP 30.02 Lanre Bakare Torrijas a la Riojana

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    ABV 8.9% - 440ml - Stout - £7.70

    Inspired by a Spanish dish similar to chocolate-covered French Toast. Vanilla, cinnamon & cacao join a robust base or Munich, Brown, Rye, Chocolate, and Crystal malts for bitter chocolate and spiced bready character up front, rounding out into sweet, silky, warming indulgence. CERTAIN FOODS HAVE SUCH A UNIVERSAL APPEAL THAT THEY TRANSCEND GEOGRAPHICAL BORDERS AND BRING JOY TO CULTURES ALL OVER THE WORLD. Just about every culture has a claim to at least one dumpling, for example; Jewish Chicken Noodle Soup, Tokyo Ramen, and Vietnamese Pho all share common DNA; Spain has Croquetas de Jamón, England has Findus Crispy Pancakes. Torrijas might sound exotic, but you probably know and love it as Eggy Bread (or French Toast, if you’re from the wrong side of the Midlands). Day-old bread, dipped in a spiced egg custard, and fried in olive oil until crisp and golden brown. Different regional variants have different toppings; in Rioja they fill, top, or - even better - coat it in chocolate. Obviously that’s the one we decided to recreate. Starting with a robust base of Munich, Brown and Rye malt for a toasted, spiced bready character, plus Chocolate malt, flaked oats for mouthfeel and some Crystal malts for touches of toffee, caramel and dried fruit, we conditioned on vanilla, cinnamon, and cacao for bitter chocolate up-front, rounding out into sweet, silky, warming indulgence.