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    ABV 0.5% - 440ml - Lager - £3.10

    American Pilsner. Customers LOVE this alcohol free lager. A boutique version of 80s and 90s American Pilsners. Light and chuggable crispy boi. Gold foiled details on the label. Please note this is best served chilled but, is designed to survive just fine ambient storage. Brewed with Ads and Tom at Northern Monk Old Flax Store. This was not easy, 13 months of failure, but you only need one success. With a lager, there is nowhere to hide, most low abv pilsners miss the mark. This doesn't. A beer this simple, becomes very complex. We used Galaxy as our bittering hop. This gives the base a complexity. Styrian hops, popular in PBR and a lot of US macrobrews. Highly Branched Cyclic Dextrin This is this a big daddy Maltodextin, increasing body and smoothing taste. Pricy but delivers more. Conditioned on white oak for complexity and tannins. A crisp dry finish. Fruity and light hops paired with typical woody notes of untoasted oak casks, think tangerines, oranges and grapes, wine like, tannic, oaky and pineapple