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Imperial Stout

Imperial Stout

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ABV 10.5% - 440ml - Imperial Stout - £8.15

Thick, slick and sybaritic. We present to you a 10.5% imperial stout brewed with Greek masters of the dark arts, Seven Islands Brewery. A plethora of speciality malts including Mild Ale, Munich, Abbey, Cara Munich3, Caraaroma and Rye combined with a higher mash ph has cast light on the shadowed plains of dark beer recipe writing. Full bodied and holding an abundance of complex flavours, this imperial stout journeys through flavours of red berry coffee, raisin, fig, caramelised apple, bitter dark chocolate and warming roast character. We've recirculated the beer through deshelled pistachio nuts, adding subtle notes of wood, pine and honey.

Vegan friendly