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How To Cook A Wolf 3 Tokyo Drift


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ABV 6.8% - 440ml - IPA - £6.20

The celebration of The Wolf’s birthday each January usually marks the beginning of the local beer calendar for Birmingham and for us especially the collab is often our first release of the year. Even with the pandemic and lockdowns preventing us from taking part in any physical event we did not want to allow 2021 to start without the ceremony of our annual ‘Wolf’ drop. So far in this series we have made ‘How To Cook a Wolf’ in 2019 and ‘How 2 Cook a Wolf’ in 2020. All three are similar in that they are single IPAs hopped with Citra and El Dorado. 6.8% abv, soft body with deep and intense spicy, tropical fruit and citrusy grapefruit flavours. Vegan Friendly