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    ABV 5% - 440ml - Pilsner - £3.50

    Lager has a bad reputation amongst the Ale and Craft crowds, understandably so, here in the UK our bars are littered with keg fonts all displaying badly made, macro brewery, chemical, crap. Forget the mass-market, and focus on Double Tide - it is a properly lagered beer, spending 10 weeks in tank. This additional time, at close to zero degrees, allows certain compounds to drop out the beer meaning a cleaner and smoother flavour. Our house strain of yeast is an Ale-Lager hybrid, allowing us to produce Double Tide and keep in some of the ester, fruity flavours but the clean Lager notes. Double Tide has sweet notes complimented by Czech spicy, hoppy flavours. The name Double Tide comes from our unique location on the edge of the Solent, a famous stretch of water for having the unusual phenomenon of Double High Water. Vegan friendly, unfiltered