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Hazy IPA

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ABV 6.2% - 440ml - Hazy IPA - £5.25

Here Simcoe Cryo has been paired with Azacca and an old English Ale yeast strain. We have retained the juice expected of a New England style beer IPA while the hop combination makes this the earthiest of the IPAs released so far this year. The yeast variant is also a slightly higher attenuator than our usual house strain so the beer is slightly lighter and more crisp. The label art did start life as a MF DOOM homage - it has changed entirely since then but the name kind of made me think about the 'giving a man a fish/teaching a man how to fish' proverb and how MF DOOM had been so influential for so many 'creatives'. The name is also a play on our summer 2020 'Teach Your Business How To Swim' webshop launch and we intend on this making this beer one of a series throughout 2021.

Vegan Friendly