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    ABV 6.3% - 440ml - IPA - £6

    Our first collab release of the year - Whyte Bär are a cuckoo style brewery run by our very own Andy Whyte (head brewer extrordinaire) and Joel Barnard. The relationship between Dig Brew and Whyte Bar is something we really want to foster as the model of ‘nomadicity’, whilst sometimes difficult to organise, potentially costly, and finding a way to refine and pay the closest of attention to every detail on recipes and processes often tricky, is at the end of the day, so incredibly exciting. This collab was one about us thinking about the models of ‘breweries’ and how we might be able to think outside of our box. 2021 is a new century all together all over again, by my maths history had ended, started again, then ended again but whatever the case Covid will keep us firmly in the ‘history is happening now’ section for a long time - who know’s what is in store for this little island? We want to explore and get ourselves and our beer all over the world and perhaps cuckoo is a way for us to do that in a way that keeps things small batch. Anyway, there wouldn’t be much point of Andy doing a collab on his own kit with himself and Joel on speed dial if we didn’t mess around with our processing a bit. There’s an addition of caramalt to the grist which takes the colour slightly toward the orange side of things and the hop combo of Simcoe, Kohatu + Idaho 7 is quite a unique one. It has an incredibly soft mouthfeel, is mega drinkable with subtle flavours of bubblegum on the pallet.