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    ABV 8.4% - 500ml - Porter - £7.45

    This is a rich decadent Baltic Porter, brewed in collaboration with Pinta from Poland. We leaned on their expertise brewing this classic style, layering up the malts to give plenty of deep smooth dark fruit flavour. Fermented low and slow with a lager yeast to keep the body clean and dry with a soft, slightly fruity finish. This is a collaboration brew with our friends from Browar Pinta in Żywiec, Poland. As the name suggests these beers originate from the Baltic states, Estonia, Latvia, Poland etc. They are strong dark beers fermented with lager yeast and matured cold for a long time (so they are technically lagers). Although they are often strong the idea is to completely hide any boozy flavour, lots of specialty biscuit and crystal malts combine with flavours from chocolate malts and roasted malts to give a strong impression of red berry and dark fruit. The hop aroma character should be minimal, borderline undetectable, the hops only bringing enough bitterness to aid drinkability. It's worth saying that in Baltic states they are a popular style to add adjuncts to. We have kept ours classic and lean and used only UK malt and hops. Red fruit, light roastiness, clean fermentation. Super easy drinking. Na Zdrowie!