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  • Femme Sauvage (Blend No.2)

  • Farmhouse Ale
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    ABV 5.2% - 750ml - Farmhouse Ale - £19.50

    Femme Sauvage was one of our favorite farmhouse ales we brewed in the last few years (in addition to being for a good cause), so we decided to make it again! It's a hoppy farmhouse ale brewed with the 2019 Pink Boots Society blend consisting of Loral®, Mosaic®, Simcoe®, Sabro™ and Glacier. Crisp, dry, funky, mildly acidic, with lots of hop flavor and aroma. One of our favorite parts is tasting how the native yeast transforms the hop flavor and aroma during primary and secondary fermentation. Naturally conditioned. 5.5% abv.