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    ABV 6.5% - 440ml - IPA - £5.85

    Whilst we’re very serious about our craft here at Polly’s HQ, sometimes you’ve just got to take a silly concept and run with it. When one of our brewers shouted up on our group chat that they wanted to create a beer with a dry-hop bill “a bit like a sandwich”, we were immediately intrigued. When asked to elaborate, we were given the concept of two 5kg additions sandwiched between a meaty middle of 20kg, and lo – Layers was born. An IPA clocking in at that magic Polly’s ABV of 6.5% where everything just seems to work in harmony every single time, Mosaic is the meaty middle in this beer; with those signature apricot, mango and bubblegum notes expressing to the max, before our equal 5kg additions of Idaho 7 and Cryo Simcoe sandwich that sweetness in with zesty citrus notes. A silly concept? Absolutely. An awesome finished result? You’d better believe it.